iN.CHARGE is an asset for fully automated AGV parks and automated security systems using drones.

iN.CHARGE allows you integrate ultra-fast inductive charging, resulting in a higher operating efficiency, safety and reliability. By leveraging our inductive power transfer you will be able to eliminate non-value-adding interactions from your workforce such as visits to the charging stations.


Opportunity Charging Re-engineered

Wireless charging will be the standard rather than an exception in the future. With the emergence of electrically driven applications, the need for inductive charging solutions increases every day. One of the key challenges for wireless charging is the need for high energy transfers over a short timespan. Today, iN²POWER is able to fulfill this need with the iN.CHARGE-modules.

iN.CHARGE is a wireless inductive charging system that offers charging of AGVs, robots and other industrial applications without human interaction. The iN.CHARGE-modules can be placed long a predetermined track, allowing appliances to be charged within the operating process.

Minimize Charging Time

iN.CHARGE is able to wirelessly transfer a very high amount of power. The optimal efficiency amounts above 95%, making iN.CHARGE unique in the market. With these figures we are proud to be the market leader. More specifically, we can transfer 16kW and parallel 32/48kW of energy over an air gap varying from less than 1 cm to almost 5 cm. iN.CHARGE can charge batteries at a current of 250A, in parallel 500/750A with battery voltages up to 120V.

Flexible & Compatible

The iN.CHARGE modules are compatible with different types of AGVs and can perfectly share the same infrastructure. iN.CHARGE fits all common battery types. Our product range provides fast charging from 30A to ultra-fast charging upto 750A fast-loading modules, which are the ideal answer for the market of opportunity charging or continuous loading.

We strongly believe that, thanks to the wireless charging capabilities of this product, we will be able to further optimize the efficiency of your operations. If you would like to know more or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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