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We offer powerful inductive charging solutions for industrial applications to empower the use of automated applications like AGVs, forklifts, robots, drones, etc. iN²POWER builds its products by leveraging the technological knowhow from Inverto. Through this collaboration, iN²POWER is able to tap into extensive expertise in the field of inductive charging and wireless power transfer.


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We help our clients’ increase their efficiency by focusing on continuous activity, better ROI, reliability and optimization, while maintaining a low cost of ownership. Our solutions can be applied to a wide range of charging applications.

iN²POWER offers two types of charging solutions: iN.CHARGE and BATT²RY. Our goal is to deliver small and powerful supply systems that make the charging process easier and more efficient than ever before. Each type of power supply module is compatible with various applications.

Advantages of Wireless Inductive Charging

Reduced Maintenance

Since wear & tear to physical connection lines, plugs or contacts is eliminated.

Elimination of Cables

Or contact connection between sender (typically grid) and receiver (typically battery).

Increased Safety

As there is no risk of connection & disconnection damage, plus no fire risk (compared to contacts).

Maximizing Up Time

Allowing 24/7 functioning, thus reducing TCO.

Customised Engineering

Inverto, your engineering partner

Inverto was founded in 1986 as a spin-off of the State University of Ghent, Belgium. We specialize in different domains in electronics, product design and technological innovations.

Today, Inverto maintains strong links to the leading universities in Belgium. We are the leading partner and strategic technology supplier of numerous professional companies worldwide.


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